Too Much Fiber

Today’s fitness tip from JB recommends no more than 50g of fiber a day. How can more fiber than that be harmful (other than the fact that it will send you to the crapper all day)???

Maybe Dr JB’s recommendation meant there’s no need to go over 50g/day. Of course I did read something many years back that too much fiber can cause your crap to get stuck.

Well excess amounts of supplementary fiber as in not from whole foods could cause you to not digest all the minerals vits. etc one would from the foods.

The fiber would trap some and you’d crap some.
( I made a Funny)

That is why they suggest not taking your m ulti with your morning oatmeal.

Another possibility to the reasoning is the amount of damn food Berardi is able to eat and suggest to those gaining mass. All that fiber will leave you full longere and not able to stuff ones pie hole.

Other than that I say dont sweat it. Fiber good.

I think that too much fiber can lower testosterone levels.

[quote]dermo wrote:
I think that too much fiber can lower testosterone levels.[/quote]


If I’m remembering first year dietetics seminars correctly- too much fibre can cause diverticulitis…
basically some kind of obstuction/sweling/ailment within the intestines.

so remember to drink up as you increase fibre intake!

Fiber without water is the worry more than fiber. Stuff like thick oatmeal without enough water can clog you up good. But fiber overall is more likely to help prevent diverticulitis. A lot of fiber is ingested with enough water(fruits and vegetables for the most part have high water content) that it speeds through very quick.

The two main problems with fiber is it moves really fast through your system and that can take a while to get used to, especially if you eat heavy meals and don’t drink a lot of water. Discomfort and gas can result, which nobody likes. And also, it can absorb vitamins and minerals. So, as another poster noted above, you might want to take vitamins at a different time than eating especially high fiber foods or supplements.

After a short while, someone on a high fiber diet can get used to it and not be gassy anymore. I eat a huge amount of vegetables and fruits and find I’m less gassy than I was when I ate less of them. Drinking enough water and eating flax oil and omega-3 oils and the other oils people at T-Nation recommend can help keep your meals passing through your system quickly, so a fiber meal doesn’t act like an irritating plunger trying to force your enormous stool down a dry intestine.