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Too Much Fiber?


I was messing around working out some macros earlier, and I'm amazed that I actually eat around 60-70g fibre most days. Now you hear a lot about fibre being good for digestive transit, avoiding constipation etc, but can eating this much actually do the opposite, 'bunging you up'? What would be high enough of an intake to be excessive?


Nacho Fibre!


I dont try to get alot of fiber, with the foods I eat my body does just fine with 25-35g. I dont see the point to force fiber into your body if you are eating a healthy, clean diet.

Binding you up could be from numerous things, not just too much fiber


There's no set upper limit.

Follow your diet and see what happens. If you have discomfort, back down on the fiber.


I would be very surprised if fiber from whole foods caused you any problems other than maybe some gass as you adjust to the diet. Fiber supplements can be a different story.


Drink a lot of water too.


Brick, I did a search here today on dietetics and came across your post about going from your clinical dietetics job to a commercial gym. That was about a yr. ago I guess....I'm curious how are things going for you? Are you happier with the training? Do you feel the dietetics increases your earnings? The reason I ask is I have an exercise science degree and have been doing personal training for 8 months in PA. The income is very low (about 1,200/month before taxes). I applied to LSU for dietetics a cpl months ago...I am scheduled to start classes very soon....but I'm wondering if it's worth me getting the 2nd degree(2.5 yrs+ 30 K)+internship if I don't want to do the hospital route like you tried. Any input appreciated!


That gym idea was short lived.

I'm the clinical nutrition manager/lead dietitian for a nursing and rehab home and I'm happy doing it.

Contact me through FB or regular email, not PMs, and I'll tell you all you need to know and the course of my career so far.

My info is on my hub page.


Me too, what are you eating that has all the fiber in it?

The only time I tracked that I ate that much was when i was experimenting with a carb load day which was heavy on oatmeal and multigrain bread. And I felt like I was going to rupture the next morning (just generally bloatey).

Like Brick said, drink a lot of water, and don't sweat it if you feel fine. Cavement who spent time eating leaves and shoots and whatever may have had fiber intakes many times higher than yours.