Too Much Fiber in a Diet?

Any Fiber Sweet spot for Optimal metabolism and digestion ?

Just eat. Unless you are supplementing with extra fiber + eating a shitton of veggies and other high-fiber foods, you most likely don’t have to worry about it.

If i just eat i get 100 g fiber +. I have drop down to 50g fiber/day and i see a change on my body. Look like he go faster with less fiber …

How do you even get that much fiber just by eating regular food?

If you eat alot of Nuts , veggies, Sweet potatoe , Oat , fruit etc. Very easy to get that .

I was eating 5 meal with 20 g of fiber .

Now i aim for arround 7g fiber per meal . So 70g Carbs (7gfiber) 35g Protein and 20 fat 5 to 6 time per day.