Too much fat?

I am doing a bulking cycle right now. However, even though I am not limiting my carb intake, I have most of my carbs around my workout (before, after etc). I am training 3-4 days a week.

However, on non-training days, I have 1-2 P+C meals and rest are P+F meals.
I try to have 1.5 grams of protein per pound of LBM and rest are split up into fats and carbs.

To meet my daily energy requirements on non-training days, I consume lot more fats than on training days. Sometimes I consume as high as 120-140 grams of fat. Fats are mostly from Flax oil, peanut butter, eggs and dry fruits. Is this amount too much or unhealthy? I read that 1.5 grams or protein/pound of LBM is sufficient. So, that leaves me with only fats to reach my daily energy needs on non-training days.

I will appreciate any advice.

what kind of fat do you get from dried fruits!?!? unless it’s coconut, but wait, that’s a nut. which, in fact, would be a great choice. when i’m trying to get a TON of calories in a day without killing myself by eating so much solid food ( i find that awfully hard to do) i make coconut milk smoothies. empty a can of coconut milk into the blender, add some eggs or protein powder, some berries or fruit if you can spare the carbs, stevia if you need it sweet and really anything else you want. i think one shake like that gives you 800 calories or so, depending on the ingredients. plus, coconut oil has awesome (or milk) fats that are soo good for you. there’s even an article in this weeks issue about drinking heavy cream. i would stay away from that much pasteurized dairy myself, coconut milk is healthier, no hormones or anything funky and more calories. don’t be afraid of saturated fats, at least coconut oil, and things like bacon or nice fatty chicken are great to eat. do a web search and you’ll find out about the health benefits of coconut. and don’t worry, it might be good for losing weight, but as long as you eat enough calories in a day, it’s not going to actually make you skinnier when your goal is to gain! LOL.

I wouldnt say it is to high or that you need to change it. It all depends on how you react to it individually. I personally do better with a split of 3 pc 3pf meals and if doing a PH bulk I go for very limited fat in 2 pf meals.

Hope this helps some how. I know I really didnt answer your question directly but the fact is everyone is individual. If a higher fat diet work better for you then go for it. I would just make sure you are getting all source of fats, mono, poly, and sats. Also you are probably a step ahead of many ppl who short thamselves on fats which play a huge role in balancing are hormones.


As usual I will chime in and second seminoles suggestion on cocnut as a great source.

Thats all