Too Much Fat in One Meal?

i need to up my calories and fat calories and just wanted to know if there is such thing as too much fat at once. i am doing massive eating and rather than adding another p+f meal to accomplish this i would rather just make the p+f meals that i currently have larger. is there a certain amount of fat that i shouldn’t exceed in one meal. for example would taking 60ml of flax with each of my p+f meals be too much. one of them is midday before i workout and the other is right before i go to bed at night. would that much fat just end up getting stored as fat?

I don’t know about you, but if I consume too much oil at once, including flax, I get brutal stomach pains and uncomfortable journeys to the washroom are an inevitability. However, if I have 2 tablespoons of flax oil and an equal amount of fats from nuts I am okay. You may want to try this.

just bringin this back up to the top…