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Too Much Fat from One Source


I'm just curious if it's bad to get the majority of your fats for the day from something like all natural peanut butter. As an example, i eat between two and three whole eggs, about 6k mg of fish oil, 1-2 tbsp of evoo, and upwards of 5-6 tbspn of PB. is that too much from one source? is there a better option? I do like avocado, it's just pb is much more convenient and portable.

thanks in advance


Getting all your fats from one source is like getting all your protein from one source: probably a bad idea.

However, in addition to what you listed, you're hopefully eating meat, and that probably has fat in it too. You'd need to do a more detailed breakdown to see how much fat is really coming from the PB. You can use one of those online tracker things to give it a shot.


eh, nah it's not that I only get my fats from one source. i do log my food, PB makes up about 40-50% of my fat for the day. I eat eggs, of course meat, fish oil, evoo, and avocados.