Too Much Fasted Cardio?

I have been doing fasted cardio 3 to 4 times a week for the last three weeks while on a slightly hypocaloric diet. Would over an hour of incline walking (about 600 calories, 7g glutamine sipped half way through session) be too much? I am thinking of doing half that and then doing a second cardio session. Thanks for any feedback.

Based on what I’ve been reading around here lately, it seems that the intensity of the cardio is important with respect to whether or not it will factor into your training results.

For example, the more intense it is, the more likely it will require some of your recovery capacity or chew up your LBM.

First off what are your goals? Obviously if you are doing fasted cardio it is to lose fat. I would definitely do LISS type cardio (Low Intensity Steady-State) when doing fasted cardio. Interval type training is not required, from my experience. Keep your heartrate at 60-70% of max or ((220-age)*0.6) to (220-age)*0.7). Example (me) at 29yrs-old my range would be 114-133. I usually split the difference at 125 and hold it steady for 60 mintues every morning. Works great.

This will keep the cardio as an aerobic exercise, meaning you’re body will use fat as energy. If your heartrate goes up, or you go for too long (~1 hour) your body will switch over to anerobic activity and chew up your LBM as vroom mentioned.

If your goal is to condition, then HIIT training is better. I don’t recommend HIIT in the morning fasted, as you just won’t get the full potential out of it.

Hope this helps.

When I’m cutting,what I usually do is drink a protein shake in the morning( no carbs,just water with it) and wait about 30 minutes,then go and do some low intensity cardio.I’ve never experienced any muscle loss this way and I always make sure to keep it under 45 minutes.Having a little caffeine/green tea before fasted cardio helps prevent muscle loss too.

IMO, any fasted cardio is too much…

[quote]Steve-O-68 wrote:
IMO, any fasted cardio is too much… [/quote]

Do you just not adapt well to it, or is there some overall reason why? I personally have found it to be more effective than HIIT or even just standard interval training.