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Too Much Family and Kids?

TC said in his last article that today in america we have too much family and kids. but on the contrary i dont think we have enough. when i was growing up our extended family used to get together every sunday and have a meal. but whats IMPORTANT is that: the women seperated with the women and gossiped and complained, the men seperated with the men and talked politics or whatever, and the kids went off and played. everyone got what they needed time away from their “family.” its wrong to expect your wife to listen to everything you have to say, shes not interested; and the same vice versa. im done with my rant.

Considering the ‘quality’ of today’s children, I truly wonder if we need more of them. If parents can’t get the message thru with less children to handle than in the past, I don’t think more of them will solve the current problems.

Also factor in that in the past a family could get by with only 1 income earner. Now it takes 2 to match that past level.

Just my 2 cents.