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Too much estrogen?

I am 22 years old, and have never done any AAS. I have also been a virtual gym rat since about 17, with a very healthy diet. My problem is that I think I have a slight case of natural gyno and outrageously large love handels that wont’t respond to excercise.–I am pretty much very well defined everywhere else, and have the first four abs visable. Is it possible that I have abnormally high levels of estrogen that could be holding me back? Any suggestions/thoughts would greatly be appreciated.

I’d say it’s just a matter of having a genetic predisposition to having fat in those particular places. From what I’ve seen and read I don’t think it’s all that uncommon either… just try getting leaner bud.

Any supplements that would hlp with this specific problem? I take it from you guys that the indiolin(sp) is crap. I do 1 hour cardio 3 times a week before breakfast, lift weights for strenght 4-5 times a week, followed by a short cardio session of about 20 minutes after that.

Bill Roberts, who is out of town right now, has mentioned that the use of androgens will, after several months of use, start to change a rather feminine body shape in a man to a more masculine pattern. This is not just a matter of muscle gained–Bill thought that it might actually change fat deposition. So, you might want to think a little more seriously about AAS.

Matt - try going on a dedicated 6 week cutting cycle, to drop the last of that fat. Check the biotest online store for good fat loss supplements.

A couple of suggestions: first of all if you are realitively lean in most areas of the body then you may be partially resistant to insulin.
Therefore, you are not as insulin sensitive as you could be and a side effect is that you store fat in the love handle area. Secondly, lipoic acid could help remedy the situation. However, I am no doctor, so speak to one before
you take anything I suggest. Thirdly, I have the same love handle problem and have reduced the fat in the area with a lower carbohydrate diet. Hope some of this helps.