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too much dips?!

I am 17 years old. I tried, about 2 months ago, to do weighted dips for my new max. I put on 90 lb’s on my belt and managed to do 5 dips. On the fifth one, i felt ‘too much pressure’ building up in my chest, and I stopped. It’s been two months now, and I still feel my chest hurt the same way. I have decided to take 2 weeks off. I was wondering if anyone has ever encountered a problem like this, and recommend what I can do to solve this problem. Replies would be greatly appreciated.

Was your form excellent? Meaning, were your elbows wandering, grip width too wide, too much depth, too much forward lean? Too much weight? You may have stretched a ligament, and they take long time to heal.

I don’t dip anymore since I’m not so young and invincible. I always experience a rather painful strain in the sternum area and surrounding ribs when I perform them. And yes, I know how to perform them correctly.

thanks VMan. you made me look back. It wasn’t too many pounds, the grip was about 2 inches from my hips, my elbows were straight. HOWEVER, I did bend forward from my waist up. That’s wrong? I should just have straight body when I do them? How long should I rest for? what do i do?

i have felt this when dipping, but its not serious enough that it hurts during another lift besides bench, or enough to put me out of training

Watch out for excessive weight on dips. My brother was doing 15 second reps with 60lbs and he tore up his chest big time (unfortunately he did not stop his rep when he felt initial pain). His doctor gave him multiple cortisone injections on 3 seperate occasions and he wasn’t able to work chest heavy for a little over a year.

I’ve noticed a similar feeling while using cables in a downward fly. It can be semi painful though I seem to recover quickly and no permanent damage is being delt… yet. Should I be careful as well?

That exact same thing happened to me about 3 summers ago. I was doing weighted dips with about 60 pounds for sets of 10, when my right pec started hurting. It’s hard to explain how it felt…it wasn’t throbbing or sore to the touch, but deep down it didn’t feel right discomfort would occur during certain chest exercises. I didn’t bench for the rest of that summer and eventually it got better after about 2-3 months. I’d advice you to take it easy on the chest, and just hit your other body parts until it feels better. Maybe do some very, very light work for the chest and some ligth stretching to speed up the healing.

You may have separated a rib but don’t worry too much it happens to most serious lifters. I also do weighted dips and have had separated ribs before. You ether have to stop doing chest for a while and probably back squats to and for that matter any lift that pulls on the sternum or you can just work through the pain and RICE it post workout as I do when this happens. In the long run your sternum will just pop a lot but it is no big deal. If the pain dose not get better go to a Athletic Trainer or a Sports Therapist.
Good luck

Okay, two main points:

First, you should go see a doctor, preferably one who has a background in sports-related injuries, and get him/her to take a look at you and see what’s what. If you’re 17 and haven’t recovered after two entire months, then you’ve messed yourself up somewhere in there. Get a professional opinion.

Two, there are two basic ways to do dips. One is for the triceps (body straight up and down, elbows back), the other is for chest (body “hunched over” in mid-air, elbows flared out away from your sides). Figure out which BP you’re trying to train and stick with one or the other (or - more likely - none for the time being).

90 pounds for 5 reps? The most I ever did in my younger days was a single at 100. You must be a cock-strong little bugger… :slight_smile:

thanks a lot guys. It kinda cleared up now, (my sternum). This is what i did. I called a ‘massage therapist’/physical therapist and he told me that i might have pulled it a little bit. He told me to keep on doing my lifts (even chest!) but lightly till i got up the power again. HAHA, well, after a week it’s all good ;). lol. anyway, it still hurts a little, but the only thing i’m abstaining from is dips. thanks a lot guys!