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Too Much DHT Caused Permanent Damage or What?

First of all , all help is appreciated, of you have some idea or input that might help then please share it. I have been dealing with the Side Effects caused by Arimidex for 5 years now.

In 2014 ( i was 21 years old)
i used Arimidex due to little bit High estrogen few months post cycle ( tbol only) i used Arimidex because i wanted to lower estrogen and get rid of the depression i had caused by estrogen dominance, My mistake is that i took high dosage Arimidex , 0.25 ed and sometimes 0.5 ed, i used it for 3 weeks, during that i noticed that My dht has increasd tremendesly, libido was 10 Times higher so is aggressiveness and confidence not in a normal way, also the ejaculation was very intense, it felt good but not normal.

So during the last week i noticed that My estrogen has deceased the the depression was gone so i decided to drop the adex.

2 days before that i noticed some shrinkage in the penis and lost of sensetivity, i thought it might be due to low E , after that i stopped Arimidex and within few days i started to get Side Effects that i have never hade before, first of all the skin was getting thinner and thinner by the day to the point that i developed wrinkles around the eyes and stretch marks all over the body within 4 days it felt that all collagen in the skin was lost.

Lose of bone mass that continues to this day, i feel the bones are getting weaker and
My hand grip is getting weaker by the day Also i have sore joints with burning sensation, lost sensetivity in the penis by almost 70% and shrinkage of the penis in flaccid state.

The brain changed since then i never helt the same, foggy brain, lost of thoughts and feeling of well being, problem with thinking and concentration. It felt that i Lost testosteron in the whole body.

I have done many blood tests since then and all hormones were in normal range. And the the doctors either dont bilieve that i dont have these symptoms or they dont have an explanation for it.

This is killing me and im desperate to find a solution for it. What do you think caused these Side Effects? Can too much DHT change androgen receptors permanently so that they no longer responds to testosteron, or do you think that dht somehow is occupying the receptors to the point the testosterone is not having it normal effect on the body, what could Arimidex possibly caused ?

We are in 2019 but you are talking about 2014?

You are in problem since 5 years without any drugs?

How did you understand your dht increased?

Also add more dates to your message it is confusing

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Yeah man more detail to help you out with the sides. I’ve had issues from crashing e2 and the road back sucked. Like my banging ass girlfriend naked on the bed and no drive. It can be a mind fuck. But it comes back.

Acne, very oily skin at that moment, more sweating and the smell is stinky , i have
never smelled
Like this before even during heavy exercise sweating has very Little smell now its strong and very stinky, and i have Read that androgens can make you sweat more and effect odour smell , thats why i thought it has to be because of the high dht. Also different kind of sex drive , i know how it feels like to have high sex drive due to high testosterone, but this time the sex drive was different you only think of animalistic and aggressive sexual thoughts like raping, its not normal

I have used letro before too on cycle 10 months before adex , i know how it feels to crush the e2 its One of the worst feelings , but My problem now is not because because of e2, its normal.

I got a feeling when i used adex that i didnt get on letro, extremly high sex drive, like masturbation 6-7 Times a Day, surge of dht in the whole body i felt it in multible ways.

This time i used adex i used it with activate Xtreme which lowers shbg and increase free testosteron, i Read that shbg has many benefits, One of Them is to limit amount of androgen that enter the cells to protect the issues from damage.

So i dont know why i have not recovered yet after 5 years

“is conceivable that the SHBG/SHBG-R system works as an additional control mechanism which inhibits or amplifies the effects of DHT and estradiol in cells”


So with shbg being low due to activate Xtreme, too much dht entered the cells and possibly caused permanent change or is somehow took over the androgen receptors instead of testosteron thats why i lost most sensetivity and bit of flaccid size, it feels like testosteron is not able to attach to AR , because there is no other explanation why i have testosterone floating around but still have symptoms of low test

So the thing is drugs bind temporarily to the receptors. I would get a full hormone panel. I would like to see what your prolactin is at. Otc drugs are spiked with designer drugs like methyl sten, and dht derivatives.

The only otc product for hormones that I have seen work. Is Dave Palumbos. I used that when I was Natty. And during my first pct.worked great.
Stop googling symptoms it will drive you crazy.

Dave Palumbos is his name, what is the name of The product and was it a testobooster?