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Too Much Dairy?

I am curious if anybody out there knows whether including a high amount of dairy in your diet can have adverse side-effects. I eat cottage cheese, yogurt, and drink milk for many of my protein/carb meals all of them being nonfat. They just seem to be more convenient, if I don’t have time to cook some fish or chicken I just mix a cup of cottage cheese with a cup of yogurt and chase that with 8oz. of skim milk. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

I know you should cut dairy when your trying to get cut it makes most people retain water. But for mass building dairy is as good as any other protein

Consuming that much dairy could be detrimental if you’re lactose intolerant or if you’re allergic/sensitive to the proteins in dairy. (you probably aren’t lactose intolerant as you would definitely know if you are) As for the sensitivity/allergy to the proteins if dairy products cause carb cravings, fat gain, or if you simply feel better and look better when eliminating them then you probably have a sensitivity.

It’s all the carbs and milk sugars that make skim milk an “okay” choice and not a great choice. Dairy protein itself is good. On the other hand, whole milk = saturated fats plus lots of carbs = lard ass. Fat free cottage cheese is awesome though. See the “foods that make you look good nekid” aricle at T-mag.

Man. Im gonna have to say ya its fine to eat all that dairy. I used to drink half gallon to gallon of milk a day with yogurt and cheese. i had no probs accept for getting huge. u may get fatter but i didnt. i maintained 6% bodyfat but also i am only 17 so it was all used for my active body. If u feel good then dont worry if not cut some out. thats all i can suggest. peace

If you’re trying to gain weight, then drink all the milk you can handle. Most guys have no less than a gallon (4 litres, right?) every day. If they finished a jug, they started on another one. I also like yogurt & cheese.