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Too Much Creatine/Beta-Alanine?


i'm training mma and also i'm powerlifting.

now my question is, would it be too much to take 5g of creatine and 3g of beta alanine before and after my mma session, and then take it again pre and post workout for my weights?

i'm going to be doing 1.5 of bjj, and an 1.5 of muay thai tomorrow so i want to be fully nourished, thanks!


Stats man

How big are you?

I have 15g creatine 25g bcaa and 20g beta alanine in a gallon of water to sip...


Not sure about the alanine, but 5g of creatine before and after is acceptable.


Neither of the doses will kill you, if that's what your asking.

How easy does 1.5g of muay thai go down?


I'm at 180lbs atm with 15%bf and i'm 5'11

and i meant 1.5hours of bjj and 1.5 hours of muay thai lol


also quick question, how much beta alanine should i take pre and post workout?


take enough that it makes u feel tingly then back of a gram or 2. Poliquin has his own way of dosing it on his web site. 20 grams sounds like it may be too much for u right now especially if u are feeling tinly. i can only handle prolly 8 caps of the poliquin beta alanine before it feels like i got fire ants biting my face and ears


potentially dehydrating. perhaps consider some BCAA's (0.2g/LB) for your second workout?