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Too Much Coffee?

Obviously there such a thing as too much coffee and caffine.

What is that level? Is one cup (approx. 12 oz.) a day bad? Should I limit that to a few cups a week?

Also, any suggestions on readings on caffine and other stimulants. Thanks!

They say you shouldn’t drink no more than 4 cups a day.

it seems like it’s different for everyone.

personally i have an up down relationship w/ coffee. when i’m fully rested i get all the positive effects from it. i like to drink it and it makes me feel great.

when i’m fatigued it’s jsut the opposite, particularily after a few weeks of heavy cns stuff, that’s when all the negative effects surface and i’ll feel edgey/coldsweat from as little as half a cup.

i have a friend who is an enormous beast and he says he’s so sensitive to caffeine he can feel it from a piece of chocolate.

whereas my dad is a non-athlete intellectual who drinks about twelve cups a day. i’m not kidding. he makes a full pot after dinner and drinks it down between 6 and 10 while he reads about 4 books. then he goes to bed.

I usually drink between 40 and 50 ounces a day, just plain black coffee. I have had days where I havent had any coffee, and I wasnt worth a shit to anyone, including myself. If youve read Dave Barrs, Barrticles, he believes it`s one of the best pre-workout supps you can get, and so do I!!

Here’s how I judge it: how well am I sleeping? Do I have more difficulty than usual falling asleep at night?

People vary in caffeine sensitivity.

I drink a large iced coffee from our campus center daily. I’m unsure of how many ounces it is, but it definitely does the trick an hour or half hour before a training session. I’ve also mixed my pre workout protein powder with coffee before, tasty.

I would guess, given the billions of people around the world that consume coffee without any obvious ill-effects, that it’s not really a big deal.

I do, however, remember reading that some research speculates that ~10% of people have/lack a gene that doesn’t allow them to metabolize caffeine correctly, which may or may not be a bad thing.

Now people can begin to build a tolerance to coffee, so then you would need more and more cups to do the same thing, and then you’ll be addicted to caffeine.

Just live by the rule that too much and too little of anything is a bad thing.

hell i drink a pot + no ill effects


I drink a pot+ a day aswell.
No ill effects unless I drink
it on an empty stomach.

this is pretty old but still interesting: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=461957

I don’t know how you can handle that much coffee. Even 200mg of caffiene for me gives me a ton of anxiety. 400mg and I would feel like jumping off a building.