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Too Much Cod Liver Oil?

I’ve noticed that the liquid form of cod liver oil gives you more ‘bang for your buck’ in terms of omega 3 nutrients per pound as compared to capsules.

It’s 2300mg of EPA/DHA per serving of the liquid compared to 360mg in the capsule. I guess a lot of people can’t stomach the taste of the oil though, it’s not pleasant.

I take two servings of the liquid and two servings of the capsule each day, totaling 5320mg of EPA/DHA per day… Is that too much? I understand that the main concern is overdosing on vitamin A… But the brand I take removes all the vitamin A from the oil. But is it still too much?

How much do you take?

More is not better.

That being said I believe the serving size of cod liver oil is 1 teaspoon so you are taking 2 teaspoons per day and 2 one gram gel tabs I will assume. Add all of that up and you are taking approximately 12 grams of Omega-3 supplements a day so you should be fine.

I have seen recommendations as high as 1 tablespoon of fish oil per day from some “Health Gurus” so as long as you stay at or below that level I wouldn’t assume you would have any ill side effects.