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Too much cardio?

Trying out the cheater’s diet, mixed with Steroid dieting. Question: Joel’s article has a sample training protocol that has 4 HIIT sessions (sprints) & 5 Cardio sessions (2 PWO). I have never done that much cardio in my life. Is this amount of cardio necessary to get down to 6-7% body fat? Wouldn’t the calorie deficit and Mag-10 supplementation suffice?

Currently at 10% (calipers), 6’0", 183 lbs. Dropped ~4% body fat in last 2.5 weeks. Training: 5x5. I usually would either do 3-4 HIIT sessions when cutting, or 3-4 cardio sessions (either/or NOT both). Does anyone do this much cardio/HIIT?

With you currently at 10% BF, the 5 cardio sessions wouldn’t be necessary. However, if you find yourself hitting a wall in BF loss, you may want to throw in a session. Sometimes people hit a plateau with that last bit of BF. I’m holding a bit more BF than you, and I find that by just performing HIIT session (3-4 days a week) will lean me out quickly - and I don’t cut cut calories.

Given your goal and beings that it’s only a 2-3 week cycle; I would like to see you keep your activity levels up as prescribed; you’ll get better results this way. Also, beings that you’ll be on Mag-10, you can get away with this much cardio w/o the muscle loss that would normally accompany it. The moderate sessions are neccesary after the cheats.

What approach are you using? All out cheats or extended carb refeeds?


Just curious, since you will be using mag-10 from the steroid dieting protocol combined with Joel’s diet what will be your caloric intake and macronutrient breakdown? Im trying it right now and Im starving every freakin minute. I will use a thermogenic for the second week. I also will use this diet for only two weeks.

Hey Joel, I was just wondering what’s your relationship like with EAS? Do they give you free supps? Are you in contact with them anymore? How did they treat you etc.? THANKS!

To Wonder Woman:

I find that just adding HIIT leans me out quickly, too. I may be hitting a plateau, so I’ll take your advice (& Joel’s advice) & add some cardio sessions.

To Joel:

I’ll try to add some cardio (did 30 minutes yesterday). Time is the big factor during this time of year. Using all-out cheats (8 hours). Did “Steroid Dieting” (mostly just protein shakes, no cheating) for about 1.5 weeks, then switched to Cheater’s diet once I got down to 10%. Had only one cheat session so far, but I think I went too far (probably took in 6000+ calories over 8 hour period, banana, cereal, soda, cookies, ice cream, breadsticks, and even some pizza). Was mostly carbs, but obviously a good amt of protein and fat, too. Besides the sodium bloat, don’t feel like it did too much damage, although I don’t think I’m leaner (only been 3 days though). Only one more week of being “on”, then switch to “off” cycle. Plan to just go on a Mag-10 bulking cycle after that, as getting to 6-7% was just a long-term goal. Happy with the results I’ve had now: visible 6-pack & should be below 10% at the end of “off” cycle. Thanks Joel for your forum posts and articles.

To Boxer Al:
Did Steroid Dieting for about 1.5 weeks (mostly just protein shakes + fish oil). No cheating, and only a few lo-carb protein bars mixed in. Started having salad (w/vinegar) and tuna as lunch after one week of just shakes (having real food helps temporarily with the hunger). Protein was ~230g, Carbs ~50g, Fat ~30g (mostly fish oil). About 1400 kcals total. Some days I went a little lower. I was starving all the time, too – but you just deal with it. Comes with the territory when it comes to cutting. I can be very strict when I set my mind to it, so cheating was non-existent. Recommend you take fiber while dieting. Eat vegetables when hungry. Keep bags of salad & broccoli on hand. Steroid dieting is tough, but results come quickly. How long you planning to do this for?

To Boxer Al:

To clarify last post, I did Steroid dieting first, then switched to Cheater’s diet once down to 10%. Saw that you’re only planning on doing this for 2 weeks. I did a slightly below maintenance, clean eating approach for one week. Then went to Steroid dieting for 1.5 weeks, and plan to do Cheater’s diet for 1.5 weeks. Total Mag-10 “on” time: 3 weeks. Plan to take 3 weeks “off”, and just eat clean, keep activity levels up, and get down to 8-9% Body fat. Then I plan to bulk w/Mag-10. My supplementation is as follows (per day listing):

MD-6 (6 caps)

Old T2 (3 caps)

Guggul/Forskolin blend - forgot brand name (3 caps)

Fish Oil (20-24 caps)

Vitamin C (3g)

BCAA (5g Pre & Post WO)

Multi-Vitamin (2 caps)

Hey, Al. Have you ever tried Guar Gum? It’s a soluble fiber with 0 carbs & calories. It’s used as a thickener, but the value to me is that if I mix in a tea- or tablespoon of Guar Gum into a large glass of liquid (or even my Grow) it leaves me with a feeling of fullness. It also keeps food in the stomach longer. Great for reducing insulin spikes. It’s a trick I learned from Dan Duchaine in Body Opus.

I get free Myoplex and Myoplex Low Carb 'till March; it’s nice not to have to buy protein shakes for a year.

I still keep in contact with them, am pretty good friends with a couple of the judges, write for their magazine, have done a couple of appearances for BFL, and did an online chat for them.

The people I have dealt with from EAS have all been very friendly and helpful; they have helped me a lot in getting started and getting my name out there, as has T-mag. I owe a lot to both parties.

As far as supplements go, I use a mix of EAS, Biotest, and some generic vitamin brands.

Raising your activity level after the cheat is important, so any cardio that time permits, go for it. Experiment with the all out cheats and also experiment w/ some 8 hour carb refeeds and then assess what works best for you. Best of luck and contact me if you need assistance.