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Too Much Caffeine

2.5g of caffiene = too much!!

accidental. wow.

thank god i have a desk job and have to sit around!!!


How the heck do you accidentally get that much caffeine? Mix up your BCAAs and Spike?

usually i take my 5g creatine scoop, and use 1/4 of it…by taking half and then using half that and have it with my large breakfast shake (900cal) but i forgot to half the half.


first/last time that happens.

You could always have some fun with it by making a Dr. appointment and freaking him out with a pulse of 180 and a heart murmur.


oh dude i DO have a Dr’s appt today

in like…3hrs.

probably still going to be an issue. but im drinking water and eating carbs (training day)

should be interesting to explain.

“see i always wanted to try crack…”

Haha be careful man, some dude died in Connecticut a couple years ago from taking 4.8 grams!

You use powdered caffeine?

2.5 grams? Holy fuck. You still alive, bro?

That’s a fucking lot of caffeine. I take 600mg per day and I have a lot of energy from it. And where the hell did you get powdered caffeine? Walmart sells caffeine dirt-cheap.

You should thank god you’re alive. Shit that’s a lot. I had 1.5 grams once and I thought I was gonna die, but 2.5? Damn.

I also want to know where you’re getting powdered caffeine.

I made it.

I was up till about midnight and had a few glasses of red wine to fall asleep.

I wouldn’t suggest taking that much to anyone; lol.

Yesterday I took the 2.5, cut it to 1.25, then cut that AGAIN to .625; and went to the gym. That was JUST a bit more then I wanted. I need to find a 500mg scoop today online.

For the record It takes about 10 grams of caffeine to kill you, however there are different variables that play a role, blood pressure, age, weight, stuff of that nature, I’ve drank 12 redbulls in row before…then I was running around like a maniac (literally) but I’m still here.