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Too Much B Vitamins


I’m a dedicated Biotest supplement user, but recently I was on vacation and I felt that crud (sick) coming on. So I ran down to the local supermarket and picked up a box of those EmergenC packets and took two of those a day just to try and make it through my vacation without a full blown cold/flu.

So, I usually always take my ZMA before I go to sleep. Then taking two packets of EmergenC a day + the ZMA equals alot of B vitamins.

So ZMA = 10.5 mg (525% of USRDA) of B6
Emergenc = 10 mg (500% of USRDA) of B6.

This might be one of those ‘duh’ things. But it seems to me that the packets on those emergenc’s say to take them twice daily, and I’m sure others also take some sort of multi-vitamin or other supplements with B6.

So anyway, trying to be the educated consumer, I’m curious if this amount of daily B6 could pose any short term or long term negative effects?


100 mg a day is an upper limit according to the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine.

Above 500 mg a day can result in nerve damage to the arms and legs.

I believe that Vitamin B6 is water soluble therefore your body will only absorb what it needs and the rest will be pissed away.

If not then go out and drink yourself stupid. Alcohol will deplete the body of vitamin B!

While I admire your attention to any matter involving health and longevity, not to worry about 20mgs of B6. I have been taking a minimum of 50mg to 100mg of B6 per day for about 15 years or so. It has only helped to improve my health! Rather than go into detail it might be better if you read some facts on B6 heart health etc.

Check out the two links below. The second link has a multitude of articles relating to B6 and health.



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