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Too Much Arch in the Squat = Back Pain?


As we all know, lumbar flexion at the bottom of the squat is asking for trouble. As its a problem ive got, I get my lower back arch set really hard when I squat.

Im wondering if its possible that my back pain is caused by arching really hard when im standing up before I descend in the squat

Art the moment im doing box squats which are just within my range for keeping my lower back arched (which is just past parallel)


Most likely the back pain is caused by your butt tucking under you, "butt wink", rather than you arching your back really hard when you're standing.


Yes, it is possible you are over arching


Sloth guy - cheers mate but there's no butt winking as im box squatting to a height within my ROM to prevent that happening


I've had that "hurt" from arching too hard, both squatting and benching.
As for butt wink, I used to be concerned about that until my osteo pointed out that pelvic nutation (rotation of the pelvis) is normal to a certain degree. I've seen bad lumbar flexion in people who don't keep a tight or upright position, both deadlifitng and squatting.
If you are not rounding, then over-arching might be the issue. Vids are always good though.


Probably because you're free squatting on a box.


You mean like bouncing off the box instead of sitting on it? If so, yeah, definitely could aggravate the back.




In regards to my box squat I descend gently.... pause (whilst keeping everything tight) then drive up


Yes, you can overarch. Had the same problem - i now focus harder on keeping a neutral lumbar spine and squeezing hard abs and pc muscle. As soon as i started this, back pain magically disappeared.

That thing is just rare, as most ppl lack the mobility to even reach depth with a neutral lower back.


^This. Really the point of arching is to keep a neutral spine so if you arch too far, your spine is no longer in a neutral position.


You must be freaking amazing that you can sit on a box without compressing your spine, not rock, and not relax doing it raw. I applaud you sir, however if you're doing that stuff you're definitely using some weight and if you truly aren't you probably aren't lifting enough weight.


Ummm...vids? Duh?


I think unless you're billybadass strong most are better off free squatting. Begineers screw up their form more often than help by box squatting.

Back issues, knee strains, going excessively wide and making it difficult to hit depth. and yes, i inow the box is so low that you break parallel on a perfect rep. but if you shift your knees forward the ball game changes.


try taking a video for better assessment.


Ok vidoes are on the way asap