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Too Much Apple Cider Vinegar?


I was wondering if anyone knew of any side effects of ingesting too much apple cider vinegar? I usually take about a TBS before a meal, today I did not use a the measuring utensil and I poured to much but I figured whats the harm, so I dilluted it and took it. A few minutes later I was feeling a bit cold like I had chills. Was the vinegar the cause and why?


It's probably the ghey....


Unlike like your avatar


I drink this at the bottle now, never met any issue.




not to derail this thread any more, but what the FUCK IS that thing, blacklabel?



You can drink cups of ACV and be fine.




its from a show on Adult Swim...which is all that needs to be said


Not necessarily. If you start to feel incredibly nauseous from ACV - assuming you had more than a few TBSPs - chase it with a TBSP of honey.


Half the shows on AS are now officially crap. If I ever meet Tim and Eric in real life, I'll rearrange their anatomies without a second thought.

BTW, good call on ACV. It may not be as effective as ALA but is nearly free in comparison.