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Too Many Training Programs


Hello all, this is my first time on the forums!

Let me just get to the point, these days there are just SO many training programs for one to choose from, most work but there is always the one which is the best. I am a typical ectomorph, although I consider myself more skinny-fat at the moment (a lot of fat around the belly area), but some people say I am only fat there, everywhere else pretty skinny.

I have looked at workouts like "I, BODYBUILDER" which seemed very good, but I don't think it is really targetted for my body type. I saw articles like "Grow, ectomorph, grow" which seemed too vague and doesn't seem to explain it's reasoning. Even "west side for skinny bastards" witha ll the different parts.

Question is, what should I go for? I wouldn't really consider myself a beginner, I know all the workouts well and how to execute them (have been going to the gym for the past year, but very casually so I don't see much gains" and I had a personal trainer for a period (which I don't think helped me apart from executing my form".

Thanks in advance, hope I get some good workout for the rest of the year, I was hoping to start bulking and then cut for a few months. I like the idea of having a 4-5 day phase/shift, so I do the workouts multiple times per week.


Somtimes there seems to be to much variety, and the grass is always greener on the other side. You need to develope a workout philosiphy. If you've been working out for awhile, you should have a list of what you believe works, find some authors-trainers, that have similar beliefs.

For me - I believe in basic barbell work, high volume, multiple rep ranges, getting stronger to get bigger, seperating strength from conditioning. Than I find programs that fit my philosiphy, you'll make better gains training on somthing you believe in.

Remember despite what suplement companies, and magazines tell you, muscle gets built over years not weeks and months, but years. This way when you find a program,(you believe in) and set your goals for the year, You'll have a better chance to suceed, and enjoy the journey. Goodluck


Yes I agree, but the issue is I never did seriously gym, so I fluctuated from puttin on some mass to then just a casual work out. So I didn't get much experimenting done, do you recommend that "I, BODYBUILDER" workout program? The Anaconda protocol, would it be viable for an ectomorph?


No. You ARE still a beginner; anyone who hasn't productively lifted for three years is. In your case, you may have lifted productively for 4-6 months. The label does not mean that you don't know **** but that there is a lot of untapped potential in your body which will come out really fast if you do things right. Get on a good beginner program - WSFSB, for instance -, get your diet in check and then stick to it for A YEAR. Don't bother reading any articles, they will distract you. In the end, it all boils down to "pick up heavy stuff and get better at it. Eat more to weigh more, eat less to weigh less". Sure, once you become really advanced stuff like I, Bodybuilder may help to get a BIT better - but right now, almost anything should work if you just stick to it and work hard enough. No secret formula here, just consistency.


Starting Strength with GOMAD for a year. Then 531 forever.


Why would you suggest a gallon of milk a day for a person who describes themselves as skinnyfat? Rippetoe certainly doesn't advocate that.


i bodybuilder is not for the beginners and the author no longer recommends it.

Try this or any other 5x5 program for that matter, they all work....



I think it probably doesn't much matter which program you pick as long as you continuously make it challenging enough, so I would just pick one and stick with it for at least 6 months.