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Too many T t-shirts

Don’t you people(T’s readers) think it’s much better if we collect credit as an points or whatever other system can be used for purchasing more than 150$ and afer receiving a certain number of points in our account we get a free Biotest supplement. I think it is much better than having 7 posters and T-shirts which I am only using one.

This sounds like a great idea to me!

Great idea! I’ve given away 3 T-Shirts (to people I deem worthy), still have 10 of my own, and now tell Customer Service to keep the posters as I have enough to wallpaper my bedroom.

Yessssssss, Please something else… I have six I have washed, four I gave away, and four new ones in storage.

Great idea! After you get the second or third poster it’s like who cares. If Biotest can’t come up with a credit system like you suggest, then maybe we could pay like 8 bucks less (shipping cost) and not get the free t-shirt/poster

Sounds great to me!! I got 6 shirts as well. I don’t know anyone worthy of wearing one so they’re all mine. I remember T-mag saying that the reason they don’t have different shirts or posters is because that isn’t the top thing on the agenda. Well. tt would be easy for Biotest/T-mag to implement a point system. If not, a cool Biotest shirt would be nice. Or maybe, a tank top to sport in the summer. A sweatshirt?? What do you guys think?

Either a credit system with Biotest would be good. Or what
would also be good and would be easier for them would be
to pay for the shipping (or reduce the total price since
they are paying for shipping).

I like the point system. They could have a store for point redemption. Like say 1 point for every $10 spent. Then you could get say a bottle of Tribex for 40 points or maybe save up for the leather jackets they are coming out with. Say 200 points gets a jacket. That sort of thing.

I agree, discounts of some kind are far better. Sell the posters and T shirts, that way people are more likely to wear/use them. The current system is wastefull as I bet very
few of recipients wear or post the stuff. Lastly, The t-shirts and posters should at least have the website address on them, and maybe some kind of slogan.

 Bumper stickers would be nice also. A few ideas: "USA out of my lean body mass!" " Legalize Steriods Now!" " I Brake for Juice" " Juicer on Board" " If You Don't like my Juicing Dial 1-800 Eat Shit!"

Hell, I have so many t-shirts that my girlfriend, who is a pole vault and javelin coach in college, wants to give them to some of her athletes. I too have given away posters and have one up in my office, not to PC, but who cares. Some other system to reward customers is long overdue. I hope that the T-mag staff is reading these posts!!!

I’m all for the discount system. I have about 8 or 9 shirts too. I haven’t used the posters, so in the trash they went. Something has to change. Or, will we all have a wardrobe of t-mag wear? I mean, will we all turn in to testosterone robots? This brainwashing must stop now! We must----help!—Can’t ------------ move!!

I remember reading somewhere on T-mag that they’ll offer a larger clothing line in the future- hats, tanks, whatever. Also, before some of you get too demanding, remember that Biotest doesn’t HAVE to give away shit. They’re NICE enough to offer a couple of freebies. Still, I’m all for a red T-shirt with black letters on the front! That point system sounds interesting, too.

A point system is a great idea…

Yeah, some sort of point/reward system would be nice. If not, at least some variation in what you get with your order. Personally (in order of preference), I’d like to see a Testosterone sweatshirt, tank top, baggy sweat pants and shorts. Don’t think I’d wear a cap. Also, Paul’s idea of black on red would probably look great and would lend some much-needed variation to my gym wardrobe. I don’t want Biotest to become one of these “fashion” companies, but since they’ve done so well with the supplements I feel like they could probably design better-than-average clothing as well. Plus, it would be good advertising for them in the gym, where most of their customers are going to come from. How 'bout it, guys?

Adding my two cents again, hey that’s what this board is for. I personally think T-mag should stick to the black and yellow. It is their trademark, its manly and its agressive. It would be like having the Dallas cowgirls, uhmm I mean the cowboys, wear red uniforms with gold stars. see my point? Anyway, like I said before, a point system is still the way to go.

The point’s system sounds great, but if you would like
to send your unwanted t-shirts to me feel free.

They should add the web site address to their shirts. It would be great advertising to people who are afraid to approach a dude wearing that t-shirt.

YES! Please give us a point system! I appreciate the free T-shirts and posters but I think 9 is enough! A Biotest shirt would be cool, but please no baggy pants! We might as well get Bill Phillips to run around in his underwear, wearing his fag bag…er, I mean fanny pack! If you’re ashamed of your legs do something about it. If you say they’re too big, then just wear shorts all year round like I do. But for the love of God, NO BAGGY PANTS!

But do consider the point system so I can save up for a leather jacket!

JD, I don’t know about the address on the shirts. I think if a guy is afraid to come up to a guy wearing a T-rone shirt he must not be a T-man. Any real T-man would have balls to talk to one us animals.

Hey, that’s funny that you mention a points system. I wrote in about a year ago asking for the same thing. One only has so much space on the wall to hang t-man posters. And contrary to popular belief, it is not cool to where the same shirt everyday for a month . . . even if it’s clean. I order over $150 dollars worth of Biotest products just about everytime I place an order (my brother and I order together). I would definitely be in favor of frequent buyer points. What do you think Tim? Is this too much to ask? Are your loyal T-mag readers not deserving of a points system? Man cannot live on t-shirts and posters alone. Give it some thought T-mag guys.