Too Many Supplements to Choose From

Im in a crux at the moment, there are just too many supplements for me to choose. For example, would it be better to get because its buy one get one free? How does it compare to Metabolic Drive Complete and Metabolic Drive low carb? If I purchased Metabolic Drive or Grow! Whey, would I be paying for the brand name, or for the quality?

There two different types of protein. The one you linked to is Soy Protein. Biotest proteins are Milk based and have a much better amino acid profile. Not to mention Soy is something I wouldn’t OVER do, but cough up the extra dough for more quality protein sources. Its worth it in IMO. Whether its Biotest or not, I would look for something other than Soy protein.

Thanks for the quick response, I know what I am looking for now. Can you tell me how this looks? Metabolic Drive Low Carb and Grow! Whey. I might add Metabolic Drive complete, if I have some leftover cash.

I’ve used Grow! in the past and liked it. However, now I use another Whey because of price. Google “recession whey” if you’re interested.

As for the Metabolic Drive Low Carb. Possibly my favorite protein ever. Well, actually it is. Great tasting, slow digesting awesomeness.

Your suggested supplement shopping list looks fine. Just protein, nothing really to think about. Whey around your workouts or with meals if you want. I’d save the Metabolic Drive for meals or for adding flavor/protein to food. Metabolic Drive complete is a meal replacement, but I would personally save my money. I would just make my own shakes with the Low Carb version.

I’ve always liked Optimum Whey. Never heard of Recession Whey but I’ll check it out.

I did forgot to mention that I would be using the Metabolic Drive Low Carb as a meal replacement, I was also going to be taking the whey after workouts. Does the recession whey only come in the 25lb package?

Comes in 50lbs also.