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'Too Many Supplements?' Rant

Warning: this a gripe about life post. Ignore if you wish. This is just a little writing therapy.

Several weeks ago I was on course, dialed in. Using Waterbury’s 10x3 for fat loss (and also a little weight vest walking w/ the dog) and sticking to a basic, hi protein moderate carb lots of veggies no calorie counting diet. I was losing .75 inches a week for 3 WEEKS STRAIGHT!. Not hard to do since I’m fat. (I am pretty sure the pictures on my T-Page are fairly recent and still depict my build).

I was doing well but I was going through a 5lb tub of Whey a month. I was also using green tea extract, a multi and several grams of vitamin C a day. Then my wife threw out my supplements when I placed another order for protein powder. She (all 5’8" 280lbs of her) threw away my supplements. Well i went to eating the way she does and got fat again.

Today, I have a cold and took 3 packets of emergen-C that’s a whopping 3 grams of vitamin c and she is worried I am taking too much. It’s very frustating. I know how to feed my body, I know what works for me and I never push it on her. I’m just frustated because I feel she is ignorant in some areas and is using emotional arguments to change my actions. Was I, am I really taking too many supplements? (p.s. Im more of a martial athlete than a bodybuilder if that factors into your opinion)

throw away her makeup. see if she like that.

Makeup doesn’t affect her health, but supplements (with proper nutrition) does. Although, I do like that idea to get the point across. If only I could think of something more vindictive to throw away…

Or the other approach is to sit down and talk to her and see what exactly the hell her problem is, or what she is afraid of.

Man up my friend. She has no right to toss your possessions, just like you have no right to toss her stuff out. Clearly there are some control issues here that go deeper than supplements.


Probably a lot more going on than what you have posted.
I say keep eating healthy-eggs,milk,chicken and fish. Try keeping fish oil and vitamin c at work. Merge with the problem-try slowly getting your wife on board.

Get back to your routine -training and eating-forego whey for a while slowly slip it back in. And repeat this mantra (cheaper to keep her -cheaper to keep her)
All kidding aside, you control your destiny-get back to the gym.

That’s just wrong. It looks like she’s trying to hold you back and keep you at her level.

Normally it would be a joke, but try hitting her.

Or, if spousal abuse is a little over-extending in your sickly condition, ask her why she just threw away so much of your money. Remember: the balls are yours!

Sounds like somebody needs to sleep outside until they learn some manners.

tall poppy syndrome?

You had something good going.

I would stop buying food then except veg/fruit.

My supplements make my food costs considerably low since I only drink shakes while at work. Although this is easy for me with a sink and blender in my office but I have clients in the corporate area that can make this happen as well.

You may think about keeping the supps at work and possibly a divorce…(take that with a grain of salt as I am not a huge adovcate of marriage and/or divorce)

I don’t condone hitting women, but I certainly understand it.

Throw away her feminine napkins and tampons.
The effect is immediate.

Things I would try:

1.) Get back into your program, make some massive changes in your physique. Keep what you can at work; good idea. In the past; my lifestyle has inspired a few girls that I have dated to go to the gym. My current girlfriend is ALL about training now; and I didn’t say a word. She just saw how serious I was and how much fun I have and wanted in.

2.) Use wiki and google to your advantage my friend. If your planning on a supplement…look up some studies that show how great they are. She should read these things and THEN form her opinion.

3.) Ditch all supplements and just go for it without any. You can make good gains with just eating healthy; I have only used fish oil in the last 3-4mo and have done quite well.

I too; think there is more to it then just suppelements. It seems to me that it’s time for a deep talk with the wifey about what is REALLY going on.

She might have seen you doing so well and thought that she could never do it; and didn’t want you to go well.

It is proven that women tend to end up with men that are less attractive then themselves; in order to appear to be the more attractive person in the relationship. That’s why you see a lot of fartknockers with hotties.

Hope all goes well man.

[quote]dianab wrote:
Man up my friend. She has no right to toss your possessions, just like you have no right to toss her stuff out. Clearly there are some control issues here that go deeper than supplements.[/quote]


That’s just incredibly disrespectful. You’re a grown man, someone needs to explain to her that she’s your wife, not your mommy.

[quote]esk221 wrote:
I don’t condone hitting women, but I certainly understand it.[/quote]

“I would shake the shit outta one!”

How do you people marry these types?

She is 5’8" and weighs 280lbs? AND she fucks with your stuff?
Time to find a new wife!

Dude, she’s 280 lbs. A formidable wife by any stretch of the imagination…

Lay down the hammer; she obviously has control issues that need to be addressed.

If I had to guess, she saw your attempt at changing and was very uncomfortable with it, and possibly worried if you started looking better that you might leave her.

I’d talk to her about it and if you can’t come to a verbal agreement that what she did was wrong and she can’t do it again, then well I hate to say it, but it’s time to part ways.

you can’t let someone control your life, let alone your health.

She sounds like a TOXIC PERSON! You should seriously sit down and have a word with her about this.

We are really in no position to tell you what to do, but I can tell you what I’d do in the same situation.

In this situation I would re-evaluate this relationship, especially if someone is trying to puposely sabotage my health. I know she’s your wife, but there’s no excuse for someone contributing for you dying young and living a life of ill health.

If anything, she should be jumping on the wagon with you, and you guys should be going about this change as a couple.

Read this article by Chris Shugart, it may explain it a little better.