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Too Many Squats + Deads

Think I am doing to much squats and deads? I am NOT in a cutting cycle so food is way up. Usually lasts 30 min or so per day. I’ll throw in abs on a day that I finish fast

Mon -3x5
squats, chest
Tues -3x8
Sumo deads, OH press, lateral raises
wed -OFF
thurs -3x5
Deads(RDL), Bentover Rows
Fri 3x8
Front Squat, Chins (Max)

Any other comments in adition to my initial question?


Switch the chins and the OH Presses…otherwise, you could do a lot worse…everything depends on the level of intensity you use though. If you get too close to failure you’ll probly run into trouble. But the set/rep volume is reasonable, and if you’re getting stronger, go with it.

Best of luck

No I don’t think you’re doing too many. It’s a lot, but your set scheme is reasonable, you should get a nice kick from 4-6wks of this program.

good point on the chin OH swap.
I don’t go to fail, I go to the last rep that I can keep decent form.
So far amount of weight is going up, so it must be OK so far.

If you’re going to do two types of deads in a microcycle I’d go with either

  1. conventional deads and romanian, or

  2. conv. deads and sumo.

I wouldn’t go with romanian and sumo, as you are, since both of those variants really focus in on the posterior chain more than conv. Your going to get a lot of overlap no matter what, but your choice emphasizes the overlap rather than manages it.

Just an observation.