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Too Many Sports?

Hi. I recently got into basketball, and I’m going to train for that twice a week. In addition, I have school sports and tennis once a week. So, that’s four days of basically aerobic training.
What would be the best way to integrate weight lifting into this? How often can I hit the gym with this schedule, on which days is it best for me to lift weights? Which routine would you suggest?
PS: School sports is on monday, tennis on wednesday, basketball on thursday and saturday morning.

I don’t know how exhausted you are after school sports, but i would recommend either lifting on all the non-aerobic days (would be 3x/week, perfect for any TBW program), although that means you have no real “off” days. (maybe alternate between 2x/week and 3x/week, means 1 off day every second week depending on how you feel)

Another option would be lifting before your sports practice (depends on your schedule and access to equipment) if you get enough sleep and at least ~4h rest between sports practice and lifting, e.g. a upper/lower split each twice per week, 4x lifting per week total and aim for 1 real “off” day, e.g. sunday, where you don’t do any kind of exercise and allow your body to regenerate.

Avoid lifting after sports training or get at least ~8h rest in between.