Too many sexy ladies at the gym for me to concentrate!!!

Well, having said my piece on this thread I was going to let it go, but since there’s a case of mistaken identity, I guess I should post again.

No, L&F and I are not one and the same. Believe me, we are not the same person…

Also, I guess I really should respond to elegua’s ridiculous post. Bro, I’m sure you’re hot shit in your own field, but please, for god’s sake, stay away from linguistics, as you obviously completely ignorant about the subject.

First, you are correct in that dictionaries don’t create language. Did anyone say that they did? If so, I missed it. Dictionaries exists to standardize language, which is why they’re known as “reference works”. You refer to them when you have a question. All clear now?

Second, if someone is anonymous, then that means, by definition, that you don’t know who they are. But if you don’t know who they are, how is it that you know that they’re a mediocrity?

Kind of a conundrum, huh?

Third, it is true that language is evolving and will continue to evolve. Another truth about language is that it exists for the purpose of communication. When you have a word used in a new way (for example, “party” being used as a verb, which it wasn’t 30 years ago), if the meaning is immediately and intuitively obvious, then it enters the language and becomes widely adopted. It adds something to the language. Same thing for new spellings, such as “cum”, which now has a different meaning than “come” to many people.

But when irregular spellings/usages impede the communication process, then you have a problem. In the original post, it would have been easier to read and understand had standard spellings been used. Thus, I made my comment. No one cares about one or two typos in a long message, and I defy you to find an instance where I (or any of the other “grammar monitors”) have made a big deal out of a similar situation. So let’s lay that particular straw man to rest, shall we?

The numerous pros of doing a check have been pretty well spelled out (so to speak) in previous posts so I won’t bother to rehash them here. There is no reason at all to post something that hasn’t been proofed other than laziness (and that’s certainly not a good reason). It doesn’t take long, and your fellow forumites will appreciate it.