Too many sexy ladies at the gym for me to concentrate!!!

Well while all you people out here with a LACK of TESTOSTERONE are complaining about spelling and grammar and math and whatever other b.s. topics you want to go on about I am going to get back on topic.
T-MEN let me tell you. I go to this gym near Baltimore and there are these 2 unbelievable women that go there. These girls are about 5’4" each, they are both asian, their faces are so cute and hot at the same time, they both have the biggest natural breasts I have ever seen on asian women they must be each a DD cup(my wife is a D cup and these girls are way bigger), tiny little bodies otherwise, really small frames, little waists BUT they both have Jennifer Lopez like asses on them. Just unreal. The owner of the gym told me that they always had the breasts but that the asses were pretty good when they first started to go there but for the last 2 years these girls do the stairmaster for about an hour a day everyday and practically live on the Butt machine and Squat machine. I promise if I can get pics of them without getting in trouble I will post them somewhere for you all to see and if you are in the baltimore area let me know and I will tell you where the gym is just so you can look at these two.