Too many sexy ladies at the gym for me to concentrate!!!

Well, I wouldn’t go around trusting Webster’s particularly. It’s kind of a joke in linguistic circles. If anyone has access to an OED, that would be the (definitive) source to check. I’d do it myself except that I’m kind of, you know, in Japan.

Also, L&F, need I remind you AGAIN that I was fighting this fight on this board long before you came along? Nice to have you aboard and all, and you definitely do add some color to the proceedings, but let’s get our antecedents straight, shall we? A little respect where it’s due… :slight_smile:

Finally, to Juity, thanks for your response. Now that you know that there’s no particular reason to misspell anything on this board, I expect that we’ll see output that’s a little more standard from you in the future. Now go get that number - and let’s have that report!