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Too many sexy ladies at the gym for me to concentrate!!!


The Imperator of spell-checking has been called out of retirement to help fight the war against illiteracy and aberrant spelling.
Juity: Gawd, middleaged, fukk, cuz, ridin, ya,
prolly, are either misspelled or are not real words. First, fill your sink with ice. Then fill sink with water. Finally, submerge your head in it for 5 minutes and 59 seconds. Hypoxia of the brain will occur after 6 minutes of anoxia. Therefore, five minutes and fifty-nine seconds will do. This will "reset" your brain. Then pick up your nearest Webster's dictionary and begin reading. If you can't spell a word properly, don't write it. If you make up words, like "prolly," I want you to give yourself a spanking. Not a mild spanking. I want a bloody spanking.
Mike, your response to Chardawg is reprehensible. If you trully believe that spelling is not an issue with Juity, then you should be punished. We must strive for a higher level of erudition. If you don't have a passion for learning, then confine yourself to quarters. Imbibe only bread and water for 37 days and nights. This will lead to purification through pain.
Hello, Chardawg. I am proud that you have continued the crusade. Keep up the good work.