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Too Many Pills?


Recently it has come to my attention that I seem to be taking way too many pills (supplements/vitamins), and I was wondering if it was safe/advised to spread them out throughout the day, or if it all right to just go ahead and choke them all down in the mornings.

My typical routine:
Wake up - Take 2 Alpha Male (Mon-Fri), 2 Hot-Rox on Empty Stomach
Hit gym for Interval Training
Come home, eat.
Take Multi-Vitamins (x2), Flameout (x4), Rez-V (x2), L-Glutamine/Glycine/L-Lysine/L-Argine (x3).

Is it effective to take all of that at one time, or is too much for my body to process?



You're fine. Many people take double the number of pills you are taking or even more. Who told you that you were taking too many pills "for your body to process?"


Every day I take: a multi-vitamin (4 pills), a choline supplement (4 caps), vinpocetine (3 pills), vitamin D (2-4 softgels), and fish oil (12-15 caps). Optionally I will add another nootropic on top of that. I may take more pills than that if I'm using other stuff.


If I'm taking a lot of fish oil I like to spread it out breakfast/dinner. No real reason.

Same if I'm taking multiple vitamin C (I think it can move through your system pretty quickly, not sure, as I'm not taking multiple vitamin C now).


My reliance on supplements has definitely increased over the last few years, due to my focusing on competition more than just being a gym rat, and more importantly, due to age just starting to be somewhat noticeable on my recovery levels, joint health, and general intensity in the gym.

Current "pill" intake:

-Flameout - can't live without these! Usually take 2-3 with each feeding
-Curcumin - great one-two punch with the fish oils. 2 pills, 3x a day
-Alpha Male - These really have an effect on me. 2 pills 2x a day, 5 days on 2 off. Never was completely sold on Trib products when they first came on the scene, but they seem to work for me now (old,.. getting so very old -lol)
-Receptormax - Another product I was skeptical of. I will stress though that at this point/level in my training, I feel very confident that everything is squared away as far as diet and training. Don't expect miracles, but I definitely noticed an improvement in overall body composition adding these into the mix 2 months ago. 3 pills, 4x a day (3x 30 mins before meals, 1x 30 mins before training)

Guess I'm a pretty serious pill popper... oh well, I can live with it. Certainly better than smoking and drinking (and probably a bit cheaper too).



I use to take a trib supplement and all it did was make me really horny. LOL. Unsure if it helped with anything related to lifting


I'd stagger your intake. I wouldn't take them all in one sitting just for convenience.

FWIW - I take Zinc (8), Magnesium (2), Betaine HCl (6), Fish Oil (10 to 12), Multi-Vitamin (3), Caffeine (1), Personal Medicine (4) as a minimum each day not to mention the 20 to 30 caps of BCAA/Beta-Alanine during workouts.


Wow, thanks for all the feedback, guys! This is definitely encouraging.

absolute3: I was sitting in the sauna at my gym this past weekend and a conversation started about supplementation and how "protein shakes are the biggest waste of money and time" (not said by me, or the guy who mentioned I was taking too many pills at one time). Anyway, one of the guys claimed to be a nutritionist, saying that the body (the liver, specifically, if I recall) can only process so many different elements at a time, and when too many are taken at one time (with exception to anything that's "time-released") that up to 50% of the ingredients are passed instead of absorbed. He "cited" the extreme yellow/orange urine from vitamin C being wasted for the first couple of times you piss. ::shrugs::

Anyway, I really appreciate the info, guys!


This is usually the point where I stop listening to the person -lol.



Same here. Unless these people have degrees in nutrition and/or are registered dietitians and/or has a roster of clients he gets healthy or into shape, I ignore them.


Glad I'm not the only one haha I'm no stronger or leaner with trib than without, but dadgum those girls sure are pretty.

I was up to about 12 pills a day at one point, down to maybe 5-6 now. Multi-vitamin, glucosamine, general health stuff.