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Too Many Nuts?


Due to space and time restrictions my lunch usually consists of mixed nuts/beef jerky/dry fruit and vegetables.

Now I'm debating making 2 to 3 breakfasts per week:
2 peanut-butter sandwiches
an apple
and a shake made out of Superfood and Metabolic Drive.

The problem is that I will be eating many servings of nut, so how many servings of nuts is too much?



I was trying to think of a clever homosexual joke about too many nuts but Ive been up all night studying microeconomics and Ive got nothin

As long as they fit in to your daily macronutrient numbers, eat as many as you want. They are high in fat/calorie dense though, so if youre dieting be mindful of that



Sorry, I found that sentence too funny.


I'm not really dieting, in fact I am 6'2" and 195lb, so I could probably do with extra calories.

And, ya, there was no good way to pose this question...


Not sure if it really matters here, but peanuts are not nuts.


what the moses are you trying to do? whats the goal?


Nuts can be a problem if you are trying to lose fat as they are high in calories and very moreish. If you're not, it's fine, but make sure you're getting a good balance of Omegas since a lot of nuts are Omega 6 dominant. Walnuts and macademia nuts are good in this regard.

Peanuts are indeed legumes rather than nuts. Cheap peanut butter is usually full of crap (industrial "vegetable" oils, HFCS etc) so it's better to buy a good brand from a health store. I'm not sure what it's like Stateside but in the UK, most healthfood shops also stock things like almond or hazlenut butter which are actually nicer (although pricier) than your traditional PB.



Goals, Goals, Goals. Letâ??s see....

My goals are to make gains in maximal strength and gain or at least maintain anaerobic conditioning. Normally I do Judo, but I have a huge class load this semester so I am not able to train for the next couple of months. Therefore Iâ??m looking at this time as the â??off season.â?? Iâ??m am doing Dave Tateâ??s 5/3/1 twice a week, anaerobic conditioning 3 times a week, and a long run on the weekends.

For food goals Iâ??m trying to maintain weight and have enouigh energy to go hard on my anaerobic conditioning. Since I am (as stated) 6â??2â?? 195lb, dieting isn't really an issue for me.