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Too Many Exercises

Hey all,

Iwas told I have to many exercises per body part. I figured this but just wanted to make sure. I did some reading but I do not know which exercises to take out? I want to continue to be in my cutting phase and then move towards bulk phase at the end of the summer. SO could someone just critique the workout with the sets involved and which exercises I should take out. Thank you.

i just wanted to have someone look at this and see how it looks. Do I have to many exercises? I am tryin to cut up my muscles before I bulk again towards the end of the summer. Thanks.


Tues- Chest/Triceps
Thurs- legs/neck
Fri- shoulders/traps

Mon: Back/Biceps
Bent BB Row 2X 13,12
T-Bar Row 3X13,12,11
Good Mornings: 3X13,12,11
V-Bar Pullups 3X13,12,11
Seated Row 2X13,12
One Arm Preacher Curls 3X13,12,11
Reverse Plate ups 2X13,12
Seated Hammer Curls 3X13,12,11

Tues: Chest/Triceps
BB decline Bench 4X13,12,11,10
Decline Flies 3X13,12,11
DB Pullover 2X13,12
BB Incline bench 3X13,12,11
Swiss ball bench 2X12,11
Dips 3X13,12,11
Skullcrushers 2X12,11
Reverse GripTriceps pushdown 2X12, 11
-feet on swiss ball 30
-close grip 25

Thurs: Legs/Neck

BB Hack Squat 3X13,12,11
Leg Press 3X13,12,11
1 legged Squat 2X12,11
standing Leg Curl 2X13,12
glute kickback machine 2X13,12
calf raises on leg press 3X13,12,11

isometric front/back 3x15
isometric to sides 3X15

Fri: Shoulders and Traps

Clean and Press 4X13,12,11,10
Cuban Press 2X12,11
Front Plate Raise 3X13,12,11
Standing behind neck press 2X12,11
Low pulley row to neck 3X13,12,11
BB Shrug 2X13, 12

It might help to think about what muscle groups or general movement patterns each exercise trains.

For example, one division method that I’m fond of is:
Upper Body Vertical Push
Upper Body Vertical Pull
Upper Body Horizontal Push
Upper Body Horizontal Pull
Lower Body Pull (Posterior Chain)
Lower Body Push (Quads)
Using this, say that on your back/biceps day, you decide to do 1 VPull and 2HPull exercises, say pullups, barbell rows, and T-bar rows. Then you can throw in some biceps exercises at the end. You’re not going to hit every little muscle, but you’ll get most of them.

Also, it’s not necessary to train a muscle at every angle for every single workout. Sometimes it’s useful to stick to one angle for a few weeks, then switch over.

For example, do incline bench and decline bench for a few weeks. Then switch over to flat bench and dips (while leaning forward) for a few weeks.

Of course, when in doubt, you might as well use one of the programs from this site. Christian Thibadeau has some pretty good body part splits that you could use (use the author link on the navigation bar to the left).