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Too Many Deads?

This year I have discovered the deadlift and it has truly become by far my favorite exercise. I went from having a terrible “bent back, slip a disc every session” to what I am now pretty proud of at about 140kgs for 3 (82kg bodyweight). However now I think I may be using the lift too often. For instance in a week where I have 3 gym sessions. I may use regular deads in my back workout and go heavy (3x3), sumos for hamstrings (3x6) on legs day and then one hand deads on my “push” day (I feel my chest and shoulders and chest receive good enough attention through pushups I must do during Muay Thai training and also through burpees during home workouts). I recently forced myself to stop lifting heavy 3x a week as I felt heavily fatigued but I can’t determine whether in was through excessive deads or just overtraining. (I also do other conditioning at home, muay thai twice a week and footy twice a week). Thoughts?

As your deadlift numbers go up, you’ll find you can’t lift heavy as often as you could when you were just starting out. It takes more time to recover from heavier sets.

I think that’s what you’re experiencing.