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Too Many Carbs in PWO Shake?

I make a 60g protein shake and 120 gram carb shake(total 60g oz water in 2 nalgene bottles). I drink 3/4 of it during the workout and finish the rest 10 minutes after my workout.

I figure i get 90g carbs and 40g protein during the workout and 30g carbs and 20g protein immediately after.

The carb shake is 39g of gatorade(3 scoops) and the rest is Matlodextrin and Dextrose.

Is this too many carbs/protein during and after my wrokout? I don’t get bloated and i’ve been doing it for a while.

You need to use current bodyweight to be accurate. JB says to take in twice as many grams of carbs as protein PWO. I belive it was .8 grams of carbs per pound of BW and .4 grams protein per lb of bodyweight. Half during and half after. The fluid content (water) should be quite high as well.

Do a search on John Berardi’s articles. See if you can find his exact recommendations.

I’m sure others will chime in also.