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Too Many Calories?

hello guys started lifting weights about 2mths ago, and i noticed that my tummy has been getting bigger alot faster than i would like it too, i am consuming lots off Peanut shakes,i am trying to gain weight,but is it that i am consuming too many calories? unfortuantely i havent got a food log yet so, so 'm not sure how many calories i need to get.can someone guide me please.

Record everything you eat, down to the last bite, on www.fitday.com . After a week of this, report back. You might be surprised at how much snacking you are doing. Are you eating lots of peanut butter? PB is good, but it can be overdone.

if your gaining too much fat lower your cals

ok guys thanks, i’ll give it a try

this seems to be the post flavour of the month.

They need to make a separate sticky just for this, explaining how to figure out your calorie needs, and then how to progressively raise the cals and find your own sweet spot.

I know the info is there in existing stickies, but its buried in a lot of other info.

people need to get acquainted with the idea of experimenting with their intake in a methodical, anally recorded way, so that they can forever know that they are being optimal.