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Too Many Androgens?

I just finished up a very successful cycle of 800/800mgs a week of test enanthate/eq. hardly any water retention (surprisingly) but gained a good solid 20lbs. I just got some more gear for the spring time to help me cut up. I have some winny, tren and anavar…this is what i was thinking.

weeks 1-6: 100mgs ED winny, 100mgs ED tren and I have enough anavar to run 20mgs ED

My question is…is this too many androgens to be running in one cycle? should i cut out the winny and maybe use some prop? any input would be appreciated. thanks guys

Have you ever run a cycle without test before? Some people can get away with it, some can’t. If you end up being one of the ones who can’t, that’d be a rough cycle to discover that fact in the middle of.

Plus, I’m not gonna say I’ve never seen it before, but 700mg/week of tren is a strong cycle. If you’ve been there and done that before then it might be no big for you. But if its your first tren cycle you might want to consider a smaller dose.

From what I’m aware of the more popular doses are:

Anavar-40mg ED
Winny-50mg ED
Tren-75mg ED

Not to say that your Winny and Tren are “too high”, but I think that the Anavar is half of what it should be.
But that doesn’t mean you can’t switch it up a bit.

I have never done a cycle without test before so I’m interested to see how this one turns out. However, I have used tren before when i was running a tren/prop cycle. I had great results at only 50mgs of each EOD. The tren and winny I have now are both 100mgs/mL.

Think I would be better running it EOD? I can also get more anavar if needed so I can up my dosages as I see the “best” dosage to be around 40mgs.

Instead of taking 100mg tren/winny EOD, I would take 50mg ED, it’ll keep the blood levels more even throughout. Just a suggestion.

haha good thought, why didn’t i think of that? but question…can I mix the tren and winny in the same syringe? doing 2 shots ED for 6 weeks would get old after awhile, I’d rather just do one ED

Yes, you can mix it into the same syringe, just suck back a little more air before you insert into the second vial.

A friend of mine likes to take one syringe and pull out all of the juice he needs and mix them all into a seperate sterile vial, then he gets a new syringe and pulls it all out from the extra vial. But this is really only for when you take 3 or more injectables at a time, I say.

i would say get rid of the winny and

tprop 100mg eod
tren 75mg eod
anavar 60mg ed

winny and tren will give you a wicked blood panel…