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Too Low Calories?


I’m following the One Hundred Grams carbs cure at 1600-1800 kcal. I’ve been dieting for 5 weeks and my intentions are to continue for another 3 weeks. I lost 13 lbs (now i’m 187 lbs) but I noticed i lost 1/2 inch in my arms. Obviously I lost only 1 inch around my waist ad nothing from my butt. My routine is 2 full body and sprints every week + 1 session of cardio (30 minutes). I’m so scared I’m loosing too much of my hard earned (little) muscle. Any suggestion?


Eat more. (direct answer to your question)

Also, look into peri workout nutrition, not pre work out stimulants, just so we are clear.


Thanks. I’ll switch to a more sustenible carb cycling diet.


Not what I said.

Peri workout nutrition. Look it up. Keep calories the same, fir now, and add peri workout nutrition.


Ok, I understand. Do you have any suggestion on what I must eat on peri workout?


Eat more. Lift weights. Drop the cardio. You are probably getting enough cardio with the sprinting.



I’ll definitively do so!