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Too Late to Frontload After First Shot?


Sup Fellow Users!!

Started a course(1st jab was on Monday 9th April) of Deca 300mg/wk, Sus 500mg/wk and d-BOL 40 mg/day for 8 weeks. (Start Hcg on week 2).
After reading Bill Roberts sticky on frontloading, I want to do exactly that i.e fronttload.
The thing is that i have already administered my first shot (250mg sus and 100mg deca)
My second shot is today:
a. can i still front load or is it too late??? AND
b. should i also frontload the deca as well or just the sus??

Please assist guys as i need to know asap before i take my second shot!
Advice will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Fellas.

  1. no
  2. you can, dont recommend it though


Unneccessary imo. Sust has test prop and the dbol will hit you soon enough. I hope you have an AI.


Thanks Bonez,

Appreciate the response!

So just stick with the 500 sus/wk, shot 250mg twice a week and
300 deca/wk, shot 3 times a week?

Is D-bol best taken all at once or throughout the day? Have read mixed reviews on this!



Have AI's on hand but have not started taking as yet.
Will start at the first sign of titties which might be the case with the HCG!
What you think?


Shoot the Sust every second day. The deca every three days, or every Mon and Thurs.

Start the AI today.
Which AI are you using?

I think you should have done more research.


wow i must have completely mis read. I meant to say that it is NOT too late to frontload the sust. Sorry about that.


you are going to wait until gyno starts to set in to use your AI?

are you serious?


Fucking stupid.


Ditto. Although, it won't really hurt to shoot the Deca every time you shoot the Sust. Might as well save a pin or two by combining...


Damn...............i hit my second shot yesterday, 250 Sus, 100 Deca!!!!
Would have frontloaded yesterday!!!

Guess now its too late to frontload???

As for the AI's, I am not prone to gyno but will definitely start when i start the HcG, which will be during my second on cycle.
Any suggestions?