Too Late To Eat/Shake?

Is about 11 too late to have my night time shake? I go to bed at about 12 every night because its impossible to sleep any earlier with 3 roommates. My shake consists of a bottle of water, scoop of ON casein, half scoop of whey, and about a half cup of cottage cheese. A couple of ice cubes too of course.

It’s never too late. as long as there aren’t a bunch of carbs in it, which it doesn’t look like there are. nice job on getting all that casein. that’s been the single best thing for my recovery. You could lose the whey though; especially since your probably still digesting meat from dinner at that point.

The last thing I do before I turn off my light every night is drink a shake. And about 30 minutes before that I eat a can of tuna and a bowl of vegitables and some cheese and crackers. And about an hour or two before that I have my Surge (if I lifted at night). All in all I eat a pretty large number of calories within 3 hours of bed, and like I said, I won’t turn the light off without drinking a shake.

Moral of the story: if you want to grow, yes, have your shake before bed.


PS: I normally go to bed around 3 or 4am.

If its been more than 3 hours since you last ate and you’re still awake,EAT.And carbs are ok if they’re veggies :slight_smile:

I have a BIG serving of something then lay my head down pro to that I pour a glass of milk so when I wake to pee I drink it NO its not to late but what are your goals. Not matter what they are its smart to have something pre bed you just adjust it to goals