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Too Late For Spike?


Hey everyone, Lately I've been able to workout around 3 or 4 pm.Does anyone know if I take Spike this late will it keep me up all night(past 2 am)? Thanks,Steve.


I doubt it man, could be wrong though.


I take it around 7 or 8 pm sometimes and it doesn't bother me. But you're gonna have to see for youself. Good luck.



If I take Spike at 3pm I can usually sleep around midnight.

Another note: when I'm really fatigued and take Spike as a pick me up/workout enhancer I can usually sleep without a problem, as long as its more than 3-4 hours after I took Spike.


F no man, you shouldnt have any problem. Ive taken Spike at 6pm and fell asleep at midnight several times.


Thanks a lot.You guys are awesome! \m/


No! Sometimes I take it around 6 so I can stay up a little later and study...still in bed by 1