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Too Late For MAG-10?

Was reading about the MAG-10 product. Can someone confirm if it still sold or not. If not sold any longer, what is equivalent?

It’s been too late for a while now man. you can still get it. Just not legally.

No more pro-hormones.

Alpha Male.


How come so many websites still list it then? I guess they just havent updated their site…is that everyones take one it?

Stiddy, do they list MAG-10 Avenger? If so, that isn’t the same as the old MAG-10.

How can they sell it on ebay?

[quote]A-Town Crown wrote:
How can they sell it on ebay? [/quote]

Some people bought a case.

They can sell it on ebay until someone at ebay notices it and takes it down.

It was going for 150$ a bottle on there. How much was it originally. Is it worth 150 a bottle or is that just b/c of the demand for it.

bump, is it worth $150? I’d also like to know. From what I have read, MAG-10 and a good clean diet should be the ticket. Not to sure if you need to take any other supplements with it. Will try to find out more if I can get some…