Too Intense Leader?

Hey Jim. I’ve just completed the program I have been doing for the last 12 weeks, with GREAT progress in all of my lifts. Thanks for the help doing the programming of the leader & anchor! Now I’ll have to show the progress at the platform in a week.

Now I’d like to ask you, if my future programming could be done, with something like this:

Lift 4 times/week
Conditioning 4 times/week - easy conditioning
Jumps done prior to main lifts - 10 doing leader, 20 doing anchor

Leader 2 cycles:
Main Lift - 5x531 (5x5 @ top weight)
Supplemental - none
Assistance - 25-50 each category

Anchor 1 cycle:
Main Lift - 3/5/1 - PR set at TM on week 1 & 3
Supplemental - 3x5 FSL
Assistance - 50-100 each category

Would the leader be too intense?

Your TM MUST BE EXACT. So if you fuck this up, it’ll ruin you. But the book will explain on what to do. This forum is the wrong place to explain broad concepts.

All right Jim, I respect that! My thought was to use TM=80%
I’ll have to wait then. Until then I have the oppritunity to try some of your other programs!
Thanks for the reply!