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Too hard sometimes

My first cycle is winding down and now that I’ve dropped out the d-bol I’m only up 20+ lbs. Here’s my only quandry I’ve been back in school for about 3 weeks now and I’ve realized that my sex drive is just ridiculous. I got half-a-wood almost all the time and I want to mount just about every girl I see. Point is it’s starting to kinda get to me. The confidence is great and the attention is FANTASTIC! But sometimes it’s just too hard to control myself. I hadn’t realized this since all summer I’d work construction all day and then go out on the prowl at night. I’m about to start clomid therapy, red-kat,hot-rox, methoxy, tribex, and some d-bol therapy soon. Has anyone else had this problem? I’m hoping it goes away soon, but I have a feeling that the therapy is gonna be even worse?

it will subside. that is the one thing that is an awesome side. i get it bad from test. once you get into the post cycle and clomid you will notice it drop off. then balance back off after a month or two. at least thats typical for me.

you will notice a huge drop off more than likely as you start therapy. take advantage now because in a few weeks you may not even have a sex drive…

I liken it to being a teenager/ early twenties again. You transfer your main processing unit from your brain back down to your other head if you know what I mean. Some of the stupid things I’ve done just to get pussy. Or temptations to cheat on my girlfriend now, are just some of the things that go with the territory. Anyway my girlfriend likes it when I go on a cycle, and she can hardly wait for the next one - she actually looks forward to them!

No sex drive while on red-kat, tribex and clomid? That doesn’t sound right, but it actually would be a nice break.

Dude… Be careful of what you wish for!


My drive has been lacking for the past couple weeks, but this morning THIS MORNING I saw something that kicked it right back into overdrive.

She was blonde, nice rack, all of 19 and doing skull crushers with a barbell. But what really got me as she laid there was her waist - it was non-existent! I did a double take. I don’t know why, but it turned me on.

She wasn’t a skinny model type either, just a nice athletic build.

lol warhorse. sometimes that shit is all that gets me into the gym.

I tell you though, being suppressed is kind of like a vacation. I mean you don’t have to be going 120% on tail and you can devote some time to other things. Kind of a nice break, but it starts to freak me out when I’m turning it down.

OHH MY FUCKING LORD! I’m lifting up at school today and doing the sets of weighted dips while this girl I’ve been exhcanging fuck-faces with walks in and procedes to work on the abductor machine right in front of me. Well lets just say I’m glad I was wearing underwear today. I collapse on a near by bench and try to bring my swollen/trembling arms up to my mouth to sip my surge and stand up to stretch. All the sudden she taps me on my shoulder so I turn around and she says “excuse me, why where you just lifting like that?” In a P.D./caffeine rant I explained the 1-6 program to her but I’m pretty damn sure it all when over her head ( which BTW is at best at 5’2 100lbs, full C cups, size 0 waist with a 4 pack). “Can I feel your arms?” :-):slight_smile: Well I won’t go any further on that convo. other than that I explained how I commute which is good for many reasons but kinda sucks when I have to drive home all sweaty after the gym. “I’ve got an off campus appartment” :-):-):slight_smile: VVEEEERRRYY! good shower so fresh and so clean. Figured I’d shared that little Tale from quim with you boys. Good day.

i did a tren only cycle and i was a walking hardon, more so than usuall. even the gentlest breeze would be enuff.lol. dancing was almost impossible, if a girls ass even got close to me i’d end up pokin her.lol.
finished off with tribex and M and every thing seemed to be back to normal.