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Too good to be true


(For educational purposes. Hope the admins will let this one pass. Kudos to them if they do - everybody needs more free books)

Free classic books online.

A true litterary orgy.

Search for Project Gutenberg.

Or consult the list at:


`Nuff said!



True enough!


This is awesome. Forget the library, I'll just read on my PC.


The selection isn't that great. They don't even have anything from Steinbeck!


I don't think Steinbeck's works have moved to the public domain yet.

Project Guttenberg is very careful when it comes to avoid infringing copyright laws.
That is the reason why most works are 100+ years old.


Current copyright is lifetime + 70 years. Every year, congress extends the copyright further, so that greedy companies like Disney won't have their precious cashcows falling into the public domain. If you don't like it, I suggest writing your congressman/representative.