Too Friggen Tired

Up at 7ish.
Cardio for 35 minutes (elliptical thingy)
Weights for 15 minutes (one bodypart per day)
Home, shake, shit, shave, shower.

I’ll do 3 to 5 protein shakes per day. Designer protein, non fat milk, and two meals. When I say two meals I mean a bowl of salad & an apple count as one and at 6pm or so I finish off with a chicken breast plain. About 2 gallons of water a day.

I’m fine during the day. Not energetic, not lethargic. But come 6:30 or so, I’m to the point I can’t move. Going to pee is a total chore. I get so tired that I don’t want to move. Not sleepy tired, just don’t wanna move tired.

This has been going on since 4 days. What’s wrong? I’ve lost more weight not by scale, according to that I didn’t loose a pound, but according to the belt I lost an inch this week.

Still making strength gains. More then enough energy to finish my workout.

I know my dumbell numbers are not impressive, espically here. BUT I’M FUCKIN EXTATIC!

I warmed up with 50s then did three sets of 6 with 75s. Hurt like hell. But I felt like I moved a mountain.

You are tired because your body realizes you are starving it. It is doing what it can to conserve energy… by shutting you down.

You have to be careful with this. If you suddenly go back to regular eating while your body is in starvation mode it will be easy to throw on weight.

I’m guessing you could add some more clean foods into your diet without interfering with your progress. Are you taking any fish oils?

Hey Tony,

As usual, great job! Keep up the hard work. A couple of things you might try are: be sure you’re getting enough good fats. Sometimes a little extra olive oil or flax oil in your shake will give you a boost of energy. Second, you may want to try bumping up your calories a little for a few days. You can cycle back and forth between Maintenance (or just below) and well below maintenence.

You might also want to check your vitamins, especially a B complex.

It’s probably your nutrition. Possibly it’s that you are just plain old tired and need to sleep more. But I’d increase the intake a bit, add some variety. More fruits and veggies are not going to add that many calories. Try some broccoli.

No fish oils, no oils of any kind.

Also, I’m working out 5 days a week (5 days in a row). Could this be the problem?

And I do feel that I need to up my calories a little more (with clean stuff).

Funny, but when I do my one candy bar a week I’m not tired any more.

Now if they’d only make a 5 foot long 2 foot wide candy bar.

Good work on the 75’s!

I concure with past posts, more healthy fats will do wonders. Just add a bit at a time until you feel better and still lose the fat.

Keep at it!


I take between 6 and 9 gramms of Fish Oil every day! Just switched to the new Biotest product “Flameout.”

I think you will feel better if you up the oils.

Oh and ditch the “Designer Protein”…YECH…

i’m not going to bag on the designer whey. different strokes for different folks, I’ve never liked the way it tastes, and Berardi will tell you, its not going to work if you won’t eat it no matter how healthy it is.

More importantly, You have to eat fat to burn fat. That means consume fish oil caps to keep the metabolism moving. It’ll also greately help out your legs at the joints. Pour a little olive oil in a shake now and again, but make sure you measure it. Eyeballing is how proportions get way off.

I think you should add in more fibrous green veg’s other than the salad. I’m personally a fan of celery and not a meal hardly goes buy without spinach (hopefully that’s the main green component of your salad.) I’d also take a gander at the dressing on your salad. Do you have one? If so, what is it? Why not some olive oil and a little vinegar. voila, its like you are in Olive Garden.

Just some thoughts, I’m trying to keep my diet clean, so I know where I struggle.

Afterthought: Ever substitute any fish for the chicken to add in variety? If your meals have elements of zest it may be easier to stick with the plan

jeez, what is up with people putting olive oil in protein shakes - that is just wrong. To those of you that do and actually like the taste - you truly have iron stomachs. (shuddering)

Whatever happened to putting the oil on a spoon and taking it straight? Then chase it with the shake?

Sounds much more palatable to me.

anyway, back to topic

FatTony - it sounds like you are not eating enough.

I don’t know if brands make a difference, but the 99cents store has fish oil (24 pack). I’m starting those today.

I’m going to up my greens. I actually like brocolli (wonderful fart fuel) and etc. I don’t think an extra bowl greens (yes, spinach is in there) is going to hurt my caloric intake. Thing is I feel like crap. I felt better when I was at my heaviest. I’m not even up to wrasslin with the wife. She’s happy I’m trying to change and she’s noticed the decrease in pants size. I’m just too tired at 6 or 7PM to do ANYTHING.

Personally I think it’s because I’m using heavy (for me anyway) weight. My body isn’t use to repairing/building muscle and it’s just exhausted from the lifting.

On a down note: The cleaner I eat, the more massive my farts. Not just a little duck fart (short quick blast, sounds like stepping on a duck), but lift the leg and then run out the room farts. Kill the cigarettes for 250 feet for fear of explosion farts.

no way can you be this annoying in real life.


How much sleep are you getting?

Get more!

You also might be eating too little. Don’t worry about your calories if the only thing you’re adding is vegetables.

Are you eating veggies with just about every meal?

Good job on getting some fish oils. Just realise that you’re going to have to take a ton of those to get what you need in a day. Or you can get some of Biotest’s new product Flameout and you only need to take 4 a day.

[quote]Dan Fouts wrote:
no way can you be this annoying in real life.



It is rather annoying isn’t it? His writing style reminds me of that Powda dude…not sure what it is but reading it makes me cringe.

On days that you are active you may try adding carbs that are higher on the glycemic index. For example green beans and grapes not a lot of grapes maybe 10. I like broccoli and crasins but just a hand full of crasins. You may also try beans. They seem to tie me over along time. I agree get your essential fatty acids. I would try some other protein sources also like cottage cheese, eggs, chicken, tuna or sardines. I have heard whey will spike you insulin, and that would be a double whammy with a diet of low blood sugar

[quote]ATOMemphis wrote:
i’m not going to bag on the designer whey. different strokes for different folks, I’ve never liked the way it tastes… [/quote]

Yea…that’s my point, Metabolic Drive is so good it keeps you coming back for more.

I can think of a couple of things:

  1. Your body is used to a shitload of sugar and fat. Now that your body is not getting that, it has to make a shift to not using sugar as its base fuel. Have you had any headaches or anything like that?

  2. What is your macronutrient breakdown? If you have both low carbs and low fats, you body is going to have to break down protein for energy. This is hard for the body to do and will make you tired.

PS Take your damn fish oil! It assists in burning fat and retaining lean body mass in addition to all the other groovy things it does.

[quote]Fat Tony wrote:
I don’t know if brands make a difference, but the 99cents store has fish oil (24 pack). I’m starting those today.[/quote]

Okay Tony, you are not getting the picture of what this site is all about.

Let me give you a run down:

It’s about QUALITY! Quality in your training and quality in your supplements. You can buy any sort of crap supplements that you want it’s your body. But it’s never a good idea to put that stuff in your body. Your body more or less “becomes” what you put into it after x amount of days.

Do you want to be the 99 cent Fish Oil king? No…of course you don’t.

Trust me on this one: you can buy a cheap car, cheap cloths, cheap deodorant (no wait maybe you better not cheap out on the deodorant). But NEVER EVER purchase cheap supplements! In the long run you will end up paying a lot more than you think! Health my man…good long term health.

The problem is your cutting when you should be bulking. Cutting should not be a part of your vocabulary.

[quote]AverageJay wrote:
The problem is your cutting when you should be bulking. Cutting should not be a part of your vocabulary.[/quote]