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Too Fat?


I book strippers for bachelor parties, she answered an ad, I think at 25, with that cellulite, I don't want her for my agency, I told her, she then ripped on all of my dancers on my site, lol.
girls size 0 and 3.
so here she is, maybe T-Nation guys might agree with me, not good enough to rep an agency.


People like variety. She really doesn't look fat.

But it's your business. Are we really going to change your mind?


Id be asking for a refund if thats what turned up at my door step.


Probably should've auditioned her first. I agree that people like variety. You don't know, she could've had a killer routine.




Did you take that yourself?


if I'm paying for it, I don't want the chick to be just the "hottest at the bar" chick. she better be tight.


Shes just right....exactly how i like them!!!!!


If you don't like her, just tell her she isn't what you are looking for. No harm no foul.



i hear a ton of horror stories about the strippers people hire for bachelor parties etc.


I think it was kind of foul to post her pic somewhere if she sent it to you for employment purposes. Also, if you sent her a reply that insulted her or pointed out her cellulite, that was unprofessional and may hurt your business. Dancers talk, and many of them will get all up in arms about some guy being an asshole to a girl even if the thought of her stripping is ridiculous.

Some guys actually do like that, I've seen fat strippers bank. Depends on your clientele though. I know some agencies keep a few fat girls on call kind of as a joke. Those ones are usually old too, because that makes it even funnier.

Personally though, I wouldn't hire her.


That bitch fat.


No thanks. It's not a very good pose either.


lol that's a funny avatar


that's not bad, but that's not stripper material either


I agree with what you wrote, but at the end of the day, if the money is right, she will take the job no matter how much Knudsen on her body you point out.


I'd hit it


exactly. ALL of you guys would take her home and rail her. Don't even BS. I'd just have a hard time paying $ to see her naked....

But I do like curves..


Nice avatar stumpy LOL



You could really apply that to any job. Most people would do their normal job for a much higher rate of pay if it meant they had to put up with some verbal abuse.

I do hope you're not trying to insinuate that we're all a bunch of soulless whores. I think I've had enough of that for today.