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Too Early To Start Supplements?


For those who haven't read my other posts I'm coming off an injury and I'm going to start hitting the gym for the first time in 6 months. I ordered some Classic Grow! and a PWO drink, do any of you think its too early to start supplementing creatine or something like Carbolin 19? I'm very eager to start pumping again but I dont know if its too early to start looking into purchasing products like these. If it is too early how many months would you say I should be back before I start taking a look at them?

Any recomendations will be great, I read 70% of the Carbolin 19 article but I didn't see anything close to my question or situation. I know Rome wasn't built in a day but I'm very eager to start getting back where I was.


I'd hold off on the creatine (and other stuff) until you're back into the swing of things. I'd give it at least a couple months.

No reason to avoid Classic Grow! though.


It is generally recomended here that you get your diet correct and your lifting program right before you order any of the "specalty" supplements (HOT-ROX, Alpha Male, TRIBEX, Carbolin 19, Methoxy-7) so that you get your money's worth and can actually make a good judgement on weather or not the supplement works. --Basically it doesn't do anyone good when you eat garbage and come on here and whine about how ______ supplement doesn't work.


My diet will be in check when I start lifting. The last 3 weeks I've gradually been uping my calorie intake. I hope I didn't sound like I was whining.


I think of training like a card game. You aren't going to play your trump card first. If you do you get pooched later on.

If you play your trump card now what exactly are you going to do when you hit a plateau. Get your training and diet in order? Once your results slow down, make nutritional/training changes and keep going. When you are no longer able to sustain a decent rate of progress THEN you should consider some other supplements. Play your trump.

For now I'd just stock your cupboard with Metabolic Drive (a.k.a. GROW), Surge, and maybe some Flameout to help with inflamation and insulin sensitivity. And for the record...if your results slow after a month, you're doing something wrong.