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Too Cheap to Pay for Info


I have been reading a few different mags and came across something called "X-Reps". It began to sound really interesting and then... and then they drop the bomb. Pay $30.00 and we will tell you the rest.

This program started to claim that it aided in adding mass in record time. So my question is, WTF is X-Reps?

I would be willing to take the info for free if you have it. (ha!ha!)

Thanks a lot guys!!


This post pretty much covers it:



It covers it, but doesn't totally clarify due to the conflicting reports on what they actually are.



I guess little marcus and I posted at the same time. I did not see his post when I asked this question. But thanks alot guys. I dont know why my post get bumped over to "get a life" . I think the man doesnt like my articles.


I guess that only becomes apparent when the whole context is known. Kind of like the word "snatch".