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Too Broke for Supplements


Yup, I'm about to finish off the last of my Surge... I haven't had a HOT-ROX in almost two months, just ran out of BCAAs and Flameout... Mineral Muscle is just about done...

...and that will be it until my income increases significantly again...

goodbye dear supplements...

...I hope to someday be able to afford you again, but in the meantime I'll have to make do with a ton of eggs, vegetables, chicken breasts and ground beef...



Make do? I've seen better results from eggs, vegetables and ground beef than any supplement I've ever tried.


it's probably better that you don't.

but it's somewhat painful, especially if you're in a regimen. when i ran out of HOT-ROX and Rez-v, i didn't know what to do with myself every morning.


you may even be forced to eat potatoes!!!


Watch him start to grow as he puts all his money into food. I bet you see no difference in strength or size unless it's a mental thing. Betcha.


Get some gatorade powder until you can afford Surge again.


Depending on the level of lifter you are I agree. I almost feel like dropping all my supplements except what I take for my joints sometimes, just to see if I notice a difference because it'd be rediculous the amount of extra money I would have. It's mental though, I don't want to workout for 1-2 months wasting my time if I would be making more gains with my supplements.


Unless you're using AAS or are taking a supplement to correct a serious deficiency, there is no supplement on the market or in the world that will make the difference between "wasting time" and progress.


Supplements seem to keep me focused more so than when I am not supplementing because I don't want to waste them by not training and eating right.

Human psychology is strange.


This I agree with. Supplements help with placing nutrition into a scheduled routine. I "have" to get my creatine in, so I "have" to have a shake at the right time etc. No denying the psychological advantage of having that toolbox full of secret weapons.


Sorry I didn't word that right. I would rather make progress faster and see greater results with the amount of time I put into lifting weights.